Wood, Metal, Plastic Pattern Services

Our Services: Wood, Metal, Plastic Patterns

The process of metal casting has at its heart the production of metal duplicates of an original design, the foundry tooling which makes the mold cavity of that design is of the utmost importance.

A castings accuracy, appearance and ultimate cost depend largely on the type and quality of pattern used. If good castings are to be produced, all foundries must be provided with properly constructed pattern equipment to meet their requirements.

Designed and or computer simulated to produce castings free from defects, true to size and without rejection, a patterns gating and risering construction must be governed by the same principles as the pattern. With metal specifications and strength requirements becoming more and more critical the demand for properly and precisely executed methods engineering has never been more important.

Working closely with foundry methods engineers and understanding computer simulation data from the foundries has become crucial in the production of modern foundry patterns.

It is our attempt to provide foundries top quality recreations of their methods requests in order to sell the sample casting on its first article inspection.